2014 Chessie Award Goes To…A Last Farewell

Following the sold out CineSLAM Film Festival at The Hooker Dunham Theater on Saturday June 21, 2014 in Brattleboro Vermont, the winner of the prestigious Chessie Award was selected by a juried panel of film academics, and was awarded to “A Last Farewell”, directed by Casper Andreas.


The first Swedish language film by Mr. Andreas tells the story of an aging author who is haunted by visions of his late husband and who is in conflict with his pregnant daughter. He must find a way to accept the loss that has devastated his life, and make peace with the family he feels has betrayed him.

Our congratulations to director Casper Andreas and producer David Färdmar!

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CineSLAM 2014 Tickets Now Available

2014 CineSLAM Vermont LGBT Short Film Festival

Vermont’s 9th Annual Gay Film Festival Closes June Pride Month

Opening Night at The Hooker Dunham Theater @ 7:30pm, Saturday June 21, 2014

Click here to reserve your seat

The Hooker Dunham Theater is located at 139 Main Street in Brattleboro, Vermont

The Pride Dance follows the festival at the nearby American Legion Hall at 32 Linden Street in Brattleboro, Vermont, starting at 9pm.

  • Set in New York, which neighbors Vermont, Lavender Hill: a love story reveals the rich and complex history of one of the few gay and lesbian communes in the Back to the Land movement  in intentional living, from its theoretical beginnings in the Gay Liberation Front to its twilight during the AIDS crisis.

  • Ọya: Something Happened on the Way to West Africa! An extraordinary exploration of womyn’s leadership, mythology and the hidden truth behind power in Nigeria. this personal and political story investigates mythology, ritual, power and gender fluidity within indigenous Yorùbá spirituality.

  • Both hailing from Canada, Cock N’ Bull‘s Nathan Adloff explores the comic ramifications of prank phone calls, while Iris Moore artfully plays with gender in her animated film, Beyond the Mirror’s Gaze.


  • Regarding gender, in the animated film Change Over Time, Ewan Duarte continues his personal journey transitioning genders, which he began in his film Spiral Transition.

This is just a sampling of the films that will be screening at this year’s Vermont LGBT Short Film Festival. Those films and others will be screened on June 21st with an intermission. Click here to see the other films and filmmakers.

After the festival, don’t forget to head over to the American Legion Hall for the annual Pride Dance at 9pm.

Lastly, we’re very excited to announce that in 2015, CineSLAM will be expanding to 2 filmmaker workshops, one taking place on Pride of the Ocean’s Caribbean cruise in January, and one on Pride of the Ocean’s Alaska cruise in July, so watch this space for future details.

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Meet our 2014 Early Admission CineSLAM Filmmakers – Application Period Still Open

Meet our 2014 Early Admission CineSLAM Filmmakers

CarleaseBurkeThumbnailCarlease Burke from Santa Monica, CA is an actress and stand up comic who was inspired to complete her project, “Signing Funny” after attending Pride of the Ocean 2013 as a guest. “Signing Funny” highlights Laugh-A-Latte, a diverse stand-up comedy venue in the Los Angeles area with a sign language interpreter, which allows the deaf to enjoy the show.
DanGoldesThumbnailDan Goldes is a Northern California based filmmaker and cofounder of Urbanstreet Films. His film project, “ub2”, explores how the words “clean” or “disease-free” in online dating ads impact the HIV+ men who read them. Dan is currently in production on a feature-length documentary about the revitalization of a particularly downtrodden portion of San Francisco’s Market Street.
KareemMortimerThumbnailKareem Mortimer is a Bahamian filmmaker who most recently wrote and directed the film, “Passage“, which centers around a group of Haitians locked in the hold of a fishing vessel being smuggled through the Bahamas into the United States. Previously, Kareem’s short films have won 5 festival awards and distribution in North America, Germany and Austria.

Final CineSLAM 2014 Applications Due January 31, 2014

Open call for short film Submission and Application to CineSLAM, Vermont’s Short Film Festival (Vermont, June 2014) and CineSLAM Film Slam Workshops (takes place on Norwegian Breakaway, New York to Bermuda, June 1-8, 2014).

  • Final application deadline is January 31, 2014
  • Final admission filmmakers will be announced in February 2014
  • Early application deadline was December 15, 2013
  • Early applicants are still being considered for final admission

Application details are below.

To be accepted into the CineSLAM workshop, a short film must be submitted and accepted by the CineSLAM Film Festival (click here for details)

This will be our 5th CineSLAM Workshop for emerging filmmakers of LGBT films that takes place during Pride of the Ocean’s LGBT Film festival on the High Seas (June 1-8, 2014).

We accept a total of 8 filmmakers who are awarded merit scholarships, which covers their cabin and board on the Norwegian Breakaway and partial travel grant to embarkation city, New York.

For full application details and submission of a film for the CineSLAM Workshops on board the Norwegian Breakaway and Film Festival in Vermont, visit www.cineslam.com

for more information about Pride of the Ocean Film Festival on the High Seas visit www.prideoftheocean.com.

The CineSLAM Workshops are facilitated and sponsored by the Kopkind Colony (www.kopkind.org) and the Center for Independent Documentary (www.documentaries.org)

Our Programmer is John Scagliotti, Administrator of the Kopkind Colony, and Facilitator Susi Walsh, Executive Director of the  Center for Independent Documentary.

Merit scholarships are provided in part by a grant from the Center for Independent Documentary and the Chessie Foundation.

Application Fee for Workshop which also includes submission fee for Film Festival is  $25

There is a desire for diversity for our program, so we request that the filmmaker and/or the film be LGBT.

Short films are eclectic and can be documentary, narrative, animation or web series. A short film for submission needs to be 15 minutes or less.  (Feature length or television documentaries in production or even finished can submit a short version of 10 minutes or less).  We prefer workshop material for our Film Slams to be material in production, but finished material may also be accepted.

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Deadline is January 31, 2014 for CineSLAM Workshops on Pride of the Ocean – Applicant Submission Now Open

The application period for the 2014 CineSLAM Film Slam Seminars will end on January 31, 2014.

There will be an early registration deadline of December 15, 2013. Four filmmakers will be selected from this admission period.

Four more filmmakers will be chosen to be part of the program will be determined by February 1, 2014, and each participant will be notified at that time. A public announcement of the filmmakers participating in the 2014 program will follow.   You must submit a short* film and be accepted to the CineSLAM Film Festival in Vermont (June 21, 2014) in order to be accepted to CID/CineSLAM Film slam workshops on board Pride of the Ocean.  CineSLAM workshops are sponsored by the Center for Independent Documentary and our facilitator is Susi Walsh.


*short: if you are a documentary filmmaker making a feature length, you can submit a short trailer or a short version of your feature as your submission for the CineSLAM film festival in Vermont.  We suggest no longer than 10minutes and no shorter than 5 minutes.

Again, to apply for the workshop and submit a film, click HERE

the first group on Pride of the Ocean, 2010


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Submissions for CineSLAM 2014 workshops opens November 1

Our fifth anniversary workshops (taking place this coming June on the Norwegian Breakaway) and short films submitted and accepted  will be available on line here from November 1, 2013 to our deadline January 15th, 2014.  Only one space will be reserved for the deadline date as most applicants will be selected from the November and early December applicants… so try to get your application in early as there will only be one selected in January.   Do not apply before November 1… but if you send a email to me at admin@prideoftheocean.com we will add you to the call list which goes out the last week of October.   John Scagliotti and Susi Walsh.   


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On-Line Registration for CineSLAM June 22nd Screening has closed!

Our festival screening for Saturday, June 22nd is pretty close to being sold out via our on-line registration.  If you don’t have a ticket, you might still be able to get in at the door but you should come early… at 6:10 pm and get your tickets.

Hooker Dunham Theater, 139 Main Street, Brattleboro VT.

Screening is scheduled for 6:30pm… Happy Gay Pride!!

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Let’s Eat Wedding Cake…at the CineSLAM Intermission!

Wedding CakeJune Is Bustin’ Out All Over!


Fresh and alive and gay and young…






…June is a love song, sweetly sung!

CineSLAM, Vermont’s LGBT Short Film Festival, is only a few days away, and tickets are selling fast, so make your reservation today by clicking here, and join us for wedding cake, graciously provided by Little City Bakery, and bubbly during the intermission, then after the festival, head over to the American Legion Hall for the annual Pride Dance at 9pm.

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CineSLAM 2013: ON-LINE Registration for tickets is NOW OPEN

CineSLAM 2013 is fast approaching! We already have many excellent shorts scheduled for this year. It all takes place in Brattleboro on June 22nd at 6:30pm at the Hooker-Dunham Theater.  Admission is $10.00,  and the price includes the film screenings and drink and snacks during the intermission.  You can pre-purchase your tickets on line by clicking here to reserve your seat.  (Note:  tickets for the Pride Dance After-Party, 9pm are not available on-line, but will be available for purchase at the door of the American Legion Hall.)



The festival is June 22nd, followed by the Pride Dance After-Party at the American Legion Hall in Brattleboro.

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Please Welcome 2013’s CineSLAM Participants on Board Pride of the Ocean

The CineSLAM class of 2013 has been chosen!

This year CineSLAM is pleased to announce that with an increase in funding from our granting sources, the 2013 class of participants has been expanded. “We are thrilled with this continued support from our funders,” said John Scagliotti, Program Director, in announcing the selections. Fourteen talented filmmakers have been invited to workshop their film projects during the Pride of the Ocean Film Festival taking place on the Norwegian Pearl this summer.”

Films from many of the filmmakers at the workshops will be seen at the CineSLAM Film Festival of shorts in Vermont (June 22, 2013)… more details of the films and schedule will be released closer to the film festival date.

CineSLAM workshops are sponsored by the Center for Independent Documentary and Executive Director Susi Walsh is the facilitator on board the ship.

The Kopkind Colony sponsors the festival in Vermont.

Meet Our 2013 CineSLAM Participants

Sam Berliner from Berkeley CA was recently selected as the Festival Director and Programmer for Seattle’s Translations Film Festival. Mr. Berliner is the director of the animated documentary web series, “Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure“.
Jon Bryant Crawford, a Southern California filmmaker and winner of the Vermont Bear Film Festival’s PAW award for his film, “Foot Soldier” recently produced the film, “Dog Meets Goose“, about a troubled teen seeking help from his neighbor, who has a secret.
Heath Daniels wrote, produced, and stars in the film, “Go Go Reject“, set in his native Southern California, about a frozen yogurt shop employee who meets with unexpected rejection. Heath is in the process of writing a feature length film script and developing a web series.
Sean Devaney, a filmmaker from Brooklyn NY, is putting the finishing touches on his latest film, “Bare“, about the fear, paranoia, and confusion that ensues when Aaron discovers his roommate’s HIV medication.
Elizabeth Ellis, from Bainbridge Island WA, produced the web series, “Wrecked“, where terrible life decisions force a television writer from Los Angeles to move in with her brother in Seattle.
Bryan Horch, who is based in Massachusetts, has made films and interactive media to educate, entertain and effect social change. In his latest film, “Spooners“, Nelson becomes an unwitting spectacle for a throng of captivated suburban shoppers while shopping for a new mattress.
Becky-Lane2Becky Lane filmed the pilot for her web series inspired by lesbian pulp fiction novels of the 1950’s in the Ithaca bar of the same name, “The Chanticleer“. Becky is an independent filmmaker and founder of Nice Girl Films.
Lieberman-Viridiana Viridiana Lieberman is a filmmaker, writer and radio host out of South Florida who produced, “Behind the Octagon“, which follows a lesbian stage musical on its hopeful journey to Broadway.
Matthew Moore‘s film, “Seamless” began as a hilarious conversation about a young bellman’s uniform malfunction during last year’s Pride of the Ocean cruise. Matthew is the artistic director and founder ofImprov for the People, a Los Angeles improvisation studio for actors and non-actors.
Jonathan Skurnik is a Los Angeles based documentary producer, director and cinematographer whose film, “Becoming Johanna” tells the story of a transgender teenager who risks losing everything in order to stay true to herself.
Ryan Steele stars in “Woof” a recent episode of “The Ryan Steele Show“, a Vancouver based sketch comedy web series that he also wrote, directed, and produced.
Adriana-TorresAdriana Torres is finishing up her original lesbian science fiction feature, “GuardianShip“. When not writing and producing her own work, Adrianna works extensively in television and film in Los Angeles.
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